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Homebuyer Incentive Programs

Baltimore City, the State of Maryland, and a variety of organizations and banks offer incentives for homebuyers. All Baltimore City incentives require homeownership counseling from a City-approved homeownership counseling agency.

Incentive Programs and Homebuyer Resources

For more information about Baltimore City's homebuyer incentive programs  visit or contact the Office of Homeownership at 410-396-3124.

Housing Counseling

A variety of agencies in Baltimore City provide City-approved and HUD-certified homeownership counseling, including Park Heights Renaissance and CHAI. Click here for a list of all homeownership counseling agencies.


Housing counseling covers the following topics: preparing to apply for a mortgage; how much you can afford; understanding credit; selecting a realtor and lender; keeping your home; and managing your finances.

Housing counseling consists of two components: 6-hours of homebuyer education (either in-person or online), followed by an individual counseling session. Both must be completed to access down payment and closing cost assistance programs, such as the Baltimore City Homebuyer Incentive Programs described above.

The following housing counseling agencies are located in Northwest Baltimore:

CHAI is a nonprofit housing and community development organization serving northwest Baltimore City and adjacent Baltimore County neighborhoods. Since 1983, CHAI has improved housing stock and economic stability, increased neighborhood safety, and strengthened community associations and public schools. Learn about CHAI's Housing Services.

GO Northwest: Established in June 1999 and incorporated in March 2007, the Garwyn Oaks (GO) Northwest Housing Resource Center is a comprehensive HUD certified homeownership counseling and community based non-profit organization.

Park Heights Renaissance: Incorporated in November 2007, Park Heights Renaissance (PHR) is a non-profit 501 c-3 corporation representing residents, businesses, religious institutions, schools, agencies, and other stakeholders committed to shaping a better future for Park Heights. Learn about PHR's New Homebuyer Classes.

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