Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI) program aims to demonstrate how strategic investment in local housing and businesses can lead to healthy, sustainable communities with a growing tax base and enhanced quality of life.

The program attempts to focus on areas where modest investment and a coordinated strategy will have an appreciable neighborhood revitalization impact. Learn more about BRNI at: 

Each Spring, Northwest Baltimore Partnership (NWBP) invites area stakeholders to submit proposals for capital funding to support community development projects through the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI).

NWBP facilitates this process covering communities located between Park Circle in Baltimore City and Pikesville in Baltimore County (see NWBP map) for funding consideration by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development as part of their yearly funding cycle. 

Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc. (CHAI) serves as the fiscal agent for NWBP; provides administrative and staffing support for the application process; and submits the application to the state on behalf of local community development stakeholders.

General BRNI Information

BRNI Webpage

BRNI FY19 Application

BRNI FY19 Awards

NWBP Resources for BRNI

NWBP Invitation for FY20 BRNI Project Summaries

NWBP FY20 BRNI Project Summary Form


NWBP Strategic Revitalization Plan



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