NWBP Initiatives


Community Development

NWBP supports community development projects in Northwest Baltimore. For example, NWBP works with neighborhood-based organizations to develop and submit grant applications for Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI) funding. BRNI, a program of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, aims to demonstrate how strategic investment in local housing and businesses can lead to healthy, sustainable communities with a growing tax base and enhanced quality of life.

For more information contact Larry Schugam at lschugam@chaibaltimore.org.

One Park Heights

One Park Heights is a campaign of unity that facilitates community engagement from Park Circle to the Baltimore City line around common neighborhood goals.

For more information, contact Sherrell Savage at ssavage@chaibaltimore.org.



NWBP's Single Family Homeownership Committee is working to foster housing investments, connect potential homebuyers to housing resources, convert renters to buyers, and attract new families to Northwest Baltimore.

For more information contact Laura Hartman at lhartman@chaibaltimore.org.

Oral History Project

The Northwest Baltimore Partnership's Oral History Project will video-record and publish approximately 50 interviews with long-time residents of NW Baltimore. The goal is to foster collaboration, cultivate cross-cultural conversations, and encourage inter-generational learning within the NW Baltimore community, while catalyzing community change through relationships.

For more information contact Larry Schugam at lschugam@chaibaltimore.org.