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Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Increase investment in Northwest Baltimore for capital improvements and resident development through public and private sources (BRNI/DHCD/PCDA/Baltimore City/MD State/Private Foundations, etc.)

Tactics/Strategies Include:

  • Relationship Management

  • Marketing and Communication Efforts

  • Grant Writing

  • Lobbying 

  • Networking 


Goal 2: Build and Strengthen Community and Resident Connections


Tactics/Strategies Include:​


  • Public Events

  • Block Parties

  • Block/Lot Projects 

  • Convene and/or facilitate dialogues/community meetings/educational events

  • Cross-cultural Initiatives

  • Creative place-making

  • Leadership Training for Residents


Goal 3: Build Community and Partner Capacity



Tactics/Strategies Include:


  • Build partnership (identify and engage new and existing partners)

  • Convene Partnership leadership and Members (tiers/task Forces)

  • Empower Merchants

  • Asset Mapping / Regional Plans

  • Engage Anchor Institutions

  • Improve Resident/Police Relations

  • Empowering Neighborhood Associations/Orgs

  • Technical Assistance/Training for Community Associations/Orgs

  • Leadership Training for Community Associations/Orgs

  • Main Street Projects

Goal 4: Learn Best Practices from Similar Projects Nationwide

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